It is logic; who doesn´t believe in god, life after death, in Bible, etc. Someone practice zen or transcendental meditation or yoga, etc.,


God or devils, spirits, hell or heaven, DEATH… these are words that does not want to deal this type (Remember: every time generalizing).


As he/she isn’t very much attracted for the religion (religion = moral obligations and dogmatism), and there isn’t a real faith, this typology believes..

Christian deist

The same, but they rely God with Jesus and the Bible. They are a product of the inertia of centuries of Christianity and this secular society.


How we can understand that in Slovenia, in the majority of statistics in atlas, encyclopedias, etc. they show us the fact that a 71.8 percent is Christian; but really is the 61 % believing in god ? Or in Spain with 95-98 % catholic, only the half believe about the Christian God ? Because of the fact that in these statistics it is considerated the AFFILIATION…; but this is insufficient if the sociologist, the curious, or the analyst want to understand the reality about any country.

The next international short statistic of religion was made with polls, surveys, and others sources in order to know better the real religious status of the countries (if you want, look at bibliography & LINKS ). I advertise you, that these statistics are approximated, and they don’t claim to be accurated, but they are very interesting. They will be interesting to: the militant atheist,the sociologist, the politic analyst, the clergymen, etc.

The statistic is focussed towards countries linked with Christianity and with a minimum demographic weight.