The Moral Issue

It is common the belief to assimile atheists and other unreligious types with liberal postures, when in the other hand it is identified the religious traditional sector with conservaturist ideas… But it is true in part, because per example, if we take in account the believers in hell (belief deeply Christian), or talking about the no justification of the divorce, this sector only surpass with some exceptions 5-10 points more than the average of the general population.

And in this same sector, taking in account those that donnot approve a woman that she wants to have a child without to provide at her child any stable father never, well,the results don’t differ too much: from 4 to 14 points more than the total population.

But it is true also that atheists and agnostics are so much more in conformity with liberal postures (p.e. abortion) than the religious types in many points more; and among the American believers in reincarnation, the conservative social issues are the half in percentage than the country’s average.