The Connection Between Religion and Politics

The Connection Between Religion and Politics

We’ve talked about the connection between religion, spirituality, and nature in previous posts. While not overtly religious or spiritual, there’s a great video from about Mother Earth and the importance of maintaining a healthy planet for future generations.

There is also a connection between religion and politics. This connection goes back thousands of years, as oftentimes kings were also church leaders. Many countries and nations still follow the idea that political rulers are ordained of god. We can see this correlation today in areas across the world. For example, Vatican City is both a political and religious state.

Unfortunately, mixing religion and politics often ends in turmoil, war, and bloodshed. Killing in the name of deity is nothing new. Many of today’s nations were shaped by religion. Even the settlers of America wanted a new nation were religious freedom was both separate from and ensured by the government.

You can look to the Middle East to see how religion has and continues to lead to geo=political conflicts. But you can also find issues right here at home.

On a nationwide scale, the political issue of marriage equality is tied directly to people’s faith in God. Many believe that marriage i ordained of God and that government does not have the power or the right to define marriage or alter the definition. In more local debates and conflicts, the issue of religion in schools is an ongoing hot topic.

Most recently, a group of armed citizens took over a government facility in Oregon to protest federal control of Western lands. The leader of the group, Ammon Bundy, claimed that he is acting for God and that when he prayed about the takeover, God told him to do it.

Religion and politics, in some ways, are both about power. As long as people seek power in either arena, there will be problems. The hope is that we can keep those problems at a minimum.