Report: Almost Half of Atheist Children Find Religion

Report: Almost Half of Atheist Children Find Religion

According to the Pew Research Center’s study on America’s religious landscape, about 10 percent of kids who grow up in the country do so without any religious affiliation. In other words, roughly 1 in 10 kids in the U.S. are atheists.

However, the study also finds that about half of those atheist children eventually find religion as they grow up. It’s an interesting finding when compared to other results from the study. One of the most talked about has been a statistic that trends in the opposite direction: About 20 percent of people who were raised in a religious environment now consider themselves non-religious.

One picture that the PRC survey does not paint is exactly why those kids who grew up in religious homes become atheists later in life, nor does it explain the reasons children who grew up as atheists end up finding religion later on. However, the most likely reason for both occurrences is marriage.

When someone marries, they are obviously going to be heavily influenced by the religious persuasion of their spouse. A number of people who found God later in life have given various motivations for doing so. Some of them say they experienced something spiritual—a sacred defining moment that opened their eyes to religion. Others discovered they were believers by reasoning so. Some are just drawn to certain religious things like artwork.

For those who become atheists, it may be because some experience, or a series of experiences, in their life caused them to lose faith. Some people, understandably, say they lost their faith over the unexplained death of a loved one or some other tragedy that caused them to question the purpose or existence of a higher power.

Others go to school and may learn truths about their religion that they never learned about at home or in Sunday school. When they are faced with what they see as an alternative to the reality they grew up with, it may cause them to feel betrayed or lied to. As a result they may turn away from religion.

Source: East Idaho News