Religion in the USA

Religion in the USA

The belief of religion has played a major role in the development of the United States. It is one of the reasons why America’s forefathers thought it was imperative to separate church and state. It allows all Americans to practice their faith without persecution. Although a majority of Americans called themselves Christians, there are roughly 900 denominations.

It is assumed that America’s non official religion is Christianity. Most of the presidents that have been in office have been Christians. The denominations were typically Baptist, Episcopalian, and Presbyterian. The Episcopal Church is described as reformed yet Catholic. It is currently the nation’s 14th largest denomination. The Baptist believe that those who are of this doctrine must be baptised.There are only 2 noted Presidents that were not supporters of the typical president’s religion.

Political religion greatly differ from America’s non official religion, or the president’s religion. The best example of a political religion is the Nazi Party. The dominance that the regime had over Germany was somewhat similar to a religious organization. Religion for decades have influenced politics even though many politicians would disagree. If a candidate were running for any political seat, Americans would want to know their religion as it may affect public policy.

America’s non religion ,Christianity, has tried to sway the passing of laws on many occasions. The president’s religion in most cases has not. In California, Proposition 8 was a huge controversy between religious organizations and the LGBT community. It was reported that the two largest donors to defeat the proposition were the Roman Catholics and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Both religious group opposed to giving these rights to LGBT Americans even though these same Americans may have been apart of the religious organisations. This is another example where a political religion may have formed or was near forming.

The difference between religion and political religion is when a group of believers propose that their beliefs, or doctrine, should be turned into laws that other citizens must abide by. This does not necessarily work for America’s non official religion because other denominations would want their beliefs to be laws too. Although religion and politics will continue to play a part in how citizens vote, it is more important that the country avoids a political religion.