Is the West Doomed to Become a Religious Wasteland?

Is the West Doomed to Become a Religious Wasteland?

A recent study by the Pew Research Center shows a future that could be quite desolate when it comes to religion. In the study, one out of every six Americans surveyed claimed no religious affiliation of any kind.

That still means that 83 percent of the respondents say they are affiliated with one religion or another. However, scientists estimate that in just 35 years, that number will be 75 percent in the West. That means one out of every four will say their religious affiliation is “none.”

American churches are closing all the time, and it may be that the development. spread and progression of religion may be a thing of the past, according to a story posted on World Religion News. The article draws attention to the fact that the growth of religions greatly relied on how much information was given to the members.

For the longest time, churches had power to handpick only the information they wanted their followers to see. This meant the religious leaders could keep secrets easily.

Things have changed, from the advent of printable type to the arrival of the internet. The open flow of information is stronger than it has ever been in history. Now, people can know all sorts of things about their own religions, as well as other religions. While it was fairly easy for rulers and church leaders to control what people knew in the past, nowadays it’s nearly impossible.

One of the problems religion faces, according to the story, is the media, which has a certain bias against religion. Today, media outlets can and do mock religious groups, whereas such actions in past centuries would almost certainly be considered heresy.

There is more research which suggests that as a society becomes more prosperous in its own eyes, it sees less and less a need to rely on religion. John Calvin observes that when things are going great and people are living comfortably, they veer away from the church.

Source: World Religion News