How British Muslims Are Losing Their Faith

How British Muslims Are Losing Their Faith

A recent story shows how a younger generation of British Muslims who do not have faith in their religion either opt to be agnostic or atheist.

In Britain, much attention has been given to the expanding radicalization of the young, particularly after the 9/11 occasions. This has been clarified as a result of various things majorly, the inclination that their confidence was under assault by outcasts. Nonetheless, what has not been given significant exposure is the inverse end of the crucial Islamists; the ones who are avoiding the radicalization as well as Islam as a religion totally getting to be skeptics or as they are termed, defectors and ex-Muslims. The number is developing, yet in the midst of dangers and disregarding, this is a gathering that does not snatch features.

To this gathering of ex-Muslims, there is no eureka minute or an epiphany when they understand that the confidence does not offer them fulfillment. It is generally a steady arrangement of questions and as much as they endeavor to smother them as abhorrent considerations their endeavors drives them to a pursuit, a quest for truth and researching their religion that at last prompts them denying their religion and turning out to be either freethinker or irreligionist. This stride and voyage to repudiating their confidence varies from individual to the next, while the 9/11 saw an increment in the quantities of radical Muslims, others encountered the result in an unexpected way. They couldn’t concur with the activities of the terrorists and the way that they upheld their activities in view of Islam, as opposed to taking after the radicalization way, they began their scrutinizing.

For others, communicating with Christians, agnostic and different religions demonstrated to them an alternate side to what they were taught while for others it was the inexorably cultic exercises that some Islam schools receive that was the beginning stage. These are yet a portion of the triggers of what lead the ex-Muslims on their way. Notwithstanding, theirs is a tricky adventure. They confront the genuine danger of viciousness as the passing of Bangladesh blogger outlines. There are various demise dangers and some have gone ahead to get upwards of 100 and that’s just the beginning. In any case, the genuine test is the depression and evading they confront from society.

In their general public such a demonstration is abandonment and as per sharia law it confronts the death penalty. In a mainstream nation lie Britain, these are excluded and avoided or repudiated by their families. It is just as of late that there are gatherings that have come up to give a voice to this minority amass that is misconstrued even by the general population outside the Muslim group. Some don’t even get the chance to tell their groups of their choices and ladies confront the greater difficulties particularly with the wearing of hijab and their position inside of the religion. This evading has prompted instances of sadness and in more terrible circumstances passing. It is just by more attention that this gathering can be listened, comprehended and discover their spot in the general public.