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If Islamic State is based on religion, why is it so violent?

Aaron W. Hughes, University of Rochester Islamic State’s seemingly sudden prominence has led to much speculation about the group’s origins: how do we account for forces and events that paved the way for its emergence? In today’s instalment of our series on the origins of Islamic State, religious studies scholar Aaron Hughes considers whether this […]

The Connection Between Religion and Politics

We’ve talked about the connection between religion, spirituality, and nature in previous posts. While not overtly religious or spiritual, there’s a great video from about Mother Earth and the importance of maintaining a healthy planet for future generations. There is also a connection between religion and politics. This connection goes back thousands of years, […]

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Abortion rate hit a record low

About two weeks ago, the U.S. abortion rate hit a record low. It has declined by about 35%, more than one third, in the last twenty years .This statistic also revealed that abortions decreased amongst all significant racial and ethnic factions. The American pregnancy rate has also coincidentally declined. Many individuals studying this case believe […]

Entrepreneurs of Faith

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned health and wellness company Melaleuca as a business with Christian values. The main reason Melaleuca is the way it is has to do with the personal beliefs of its founder and CEO Frank VanderSloot. VanderSloot grew up in a poor family that placed a great deal of importance on the Christian principles […]

Types of Organizations for Abortions

Women who experience unplanned pregnancies want to know all the alternatives to abortion. In the midst of strict abortion laws across the US, there are various organizations that advocate for abortions and offer pregnancy help. In the recent news, there have been many politicians and activist trying to change the abortions laws. However, there are […]

Today’s Teens Approach Religion in Their Own Way

A recent story by the Huffington Post takes a look at the unique religious standing of today’s teens. Some see millennials as too shallow and self-absorbed to be abele to understand and accept the nuances of religion. However, while this group isn’t seen as overtly religious, that doesn’t mean that they do not have a […]

Financial aid for pregnant women

The ability to birth new life is both exciting and costly. Many birth mothers face financial difficulty regardless if they are married or single. This is why many states created pregnancy financial assistance. If you are looking for help with medical or baby supplies, you may qualify for financial aid for pregnancy. These programs were […]

3 questions to ask before choosing adoption

When it comes to having a baby, sometimes future mothers want unplanned pregnancy help. This type of help allows a mother to not feel alone while she is understanding her options. In the event that you are looking for pregnancy assistance, there are some great programs for you. One of the most often chosen options […]

Religion in the USA

The belief of religion has played a major role in the development of the United States. It is one of the reasons why America’s forefathers thought it was imperative to separate church and state. It allows all Americans to practice their faith without persecution. Although a majority of Americans called themselves Christians, there are roughly […]

Are Mormons Happier Than Everyone Else?

A huge study three years back by the Gallup organization looked at the connection between happiness and religion. The survey found that the religions with the happiest people were Judaism and Mormonism. Why is it that Mormons are, or at least appear to be, so happy? A researcher by the name of Elisa Hunter recently did […]