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Financial aid for pregnant women

The ability to birth new life is both exciting and costly. Many birth mothers face financial difficulty regardless if they are married or single. This is why many states created pregnancy financial assistance. If you are looking for help with medical or baby supplies, you may qualify for financial aid for pregnancy. These programs were […]

3 questions to ask before choosing adoption

When it comes to having a baby, sometimes future mothers want unplanned pregnancy help. This type of help allows a mother to not feel alone while she is understanding her options. In the event that you are looking for pregnancy assistance, there are some great programs for you. One of the most often chosen options […]

Are Mormons Happier Than Everyone Else?

A huge study three years back by the Gallup organization looked at the connection between happiness and religion. The survey found that the religions with the happiest people were Judaism and Mormonism. Why is it that Mormons are, or at least appear to be, so happy? A researcher by the name of Elisa Hunter recently did […]

South Carolina Church Meets for First Time Since Shootings

Last Wednesday, a white gunmen entered a historic black church in Charleston, South Caroline and opened fire, killing nine people. On Sunday, the Emanuel AME Church held its first worship services since the vicious attack. The suspected gunmen, identified as 21-year-old Dylann Roof, was captured the following morning during a traffic stop in North Carolina. President […]

People Wrestling With Faith Now Have a Hotline

If someone of religious background starts to question their faith, where can they turn? What are the options? They can turn to their religious leader, family members or fiends. Any of those options requires courage. They can also be seen as risky, as sharing your doubts could alter your relationship. It’s no doubt a scary […]

How British Muslims Are Losing Their Faith

A recent story shows how a younger generation of British Muslims who do not have faith in their religion either opt to be agnostic or atheist. In Britain, much attention has been given to the expanding radicalization of the young, particularly after the 9/11 occasions. This has been clarified as a result of various things majorly, the […]

Religious Museum Set to Open in Singapore

  A new museum in Singapore, set to open in six months, will encourage religious harmony and peace. Executive Lee Hsien Loong declared impending opening Harmony in Diversity Museum that will be opening in Singapore. While getting a charge out of a supper to commend the 66th commemoration of the Inter-Religious Organization, Mr. Lee declared […]