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A framework for accommodating religion and spirituality in the workplace

After more than 35 years of exposure to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws, employers in the United States are struggling to understand and effectively deal with the challenges of employee rights and needs in the workplace. The workplace of the early 21st century is a much more diverse and dynamic environment than that visualized by […]

Meditation Retreat Center Arizona, Tucson

Retreats are not only an important part of the practice of meditation vision, but can also be very effective as an alternative to group therapy. Working together as a group and spend time meditating together every day helps build concentration and focus and revitalize the body and mind with positive energy. Man is a social […]

Entrepreneurs of Faith

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned health and wellness company Melaleuca as a business with Christian values. The main reason Melaleuca is the way it is has to do with the personal beliefs of its founder and CEO Frank VanderSloot. VanderSloot grew up in a poor family that placed a great deal of importance on the Christian principles […]

Where Should Religious People Work?

If you are a religious person—a person of faith—does it matter what you do for a living? Do you have to work for a religious organization? If not, do you have to at least work for a company that shares the same values that you do? It’s an interesting situation to ponder, and answering these […]

Did You Think to Pray?

How often do you pray? Most if not all religions include prayer as part of their prescribed methods of worship. In America, most people pray fro friends or family, or when they are in desperate need of help. However, do enough people offer prayers of thanksgiving? Many people who self identify as Christians say their […]

Researching Charitable Organizations Online

Centuries ago, churches were whatever their leaders said they were. Think about it: The only way followers got any information about their religion was from the pulpit. Back then, people went to churches, synagogues and temples and listened to what the ordained ministers had to say about God. They didn’t have their own scriptures, they […]

Some Prayer Facts for the National Day of Prayer

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. Each year on this day, the president makes a statement inviting Americans to supplicate on their own, in gatherings and in churches. It’s interesting that this fell on a Thursday and not a Sunday, when most people attend church and pray there. Perhaps that’s the point: People who feel […]

Five Companies with Christian Values

Despite operating in largely secular industries, there are some companies—many extremely successful—that make it a point to share their faith with the world. Here are 5 organizations that follow Christian values. Chick-fil-A was founded on biblical principles by Truett Cathy, a staunch Southern Baptist, in 1946. The company’s mission statement is, in part, “to glorify […]