Caring for Mother Earth

Caring for Mother Earth

In a recent post, we shared a YouTube video from about Mother Earth and caring for the environment.

Well, this month we celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22, so let’s talk a little bit more about Mother Earth.

The spiritual and religious connection to Mother Earth is a worldwide phenomenon. Most religions, including Christianity, have holy texts that talk about how we come from the earth and return to it when we die. Many religions even worship the earth—usually in the form of a goddess—and hold annual rites and ceremonies dedicated to Mother Earth.

It makes sense that various peoples and cultures would adopt religious and spiritual practices focused on the planet we call home. After all, the earth gives us life in the from of water, food, shelter, etc.

While Earth Day is not a religious holiday, it is an opportunity to pause and think about our relationship to the planet—as individuals and as a society in whole. It’s not a bad idea to ask ourselves a few questions.

Are we harming or helping Mother Earth through our everyday actions? What can we/I do to take better care of the environment? Are there any small changes I can make today to protect the planet and preserve it for future generations?

People consume a lot of the planet’s natural resources, and most of the time what we give back is hazardous waste that pollutes our air, land, and waterways. Too little of this waste is biodegradable.

If we haven’t been recycling, we should start now. If we have an opportunity to join a community clean-up effort, we should take it. If we venture into nature for a walk, hike, picnic, or camping trip, we should leave it better than we found it.

This earth has been good to us for millennia. We owe it to future generations to take care of our planet so that they can enjoy it the way we have, and the way past generations have.

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