Can Smartphones and Religious Apps Increase Faith?

Can Smartphones and Religious Apps Increase Faith?

We live in the golden age of smartphones. We take them with us everywhere we go, and for the most part, they are a real blessing. The ability to easily communicate with others and have information at our fingertips has the potential to make the world a better place.

There seems to be a useful app for just about everything under the sun. Most big companies have embraced the digital world, which today’s millennial consumers are all about. Companies like have their own apps for connecting with people.

But what about churches? For the longest time, it seemed taboo to bring a phone into worship service. After all, it was seen as nothing more than a distraction from the true communion with the spirit. But things are changing.

In many faiths, where people were once asked to bring their paper-version scriptures with them to Sunday school, congregants are now encouraged to download scripture apps and use their phones to save time, money, and space. Those adept at using smartphones can find a Bible verse more quickly with an app than they can thumbing through the pages of a thick old book.

Many churches are already using smartphones and their convenient apps behind the scenes. Ministers and clergymen use them to keep track of finances, calendaring, keeping in touch with their congregants, and more. Others use social media apps to facilitate prayer groups, share news about church events, and invite others to join their faith.

In a world where more and mroe people are turning to the secular, the healthiest growing religions are those which have an active, engaged flock. Keeping in touch, and not just on Sundays, is vital to ensuring that people’s faith stays storing. And there’s no better tool for that than a smartphone.

Whether people are volunteering at a food pantry or soup kitchen on a Tuesday afternoon or visiting a widow on a Friday evening, there’s a way to use the cloud to remind them about it. And if they feel like paying tithes or donating in some other fashion, it’s much more easy to do with with the swipe of a finger on the old smartphone.

There will always be ways in which smartphones can detract from spiritual matters. However, they seem to be doing more good in religion than harm.