Welcome to Religion Statistics, where you can find extensive information on the world’s religions. Our goal is to provide useful data about different faiths in different countries all over the world. However, since we are based in the United States, we focus significantly on American religions.

One of our most valuable resources for religious statistics is the Pew Research Center. Like them, we want to be an online fact tank that is nonpartisan, unaffiliated, and unbiased. We don’t want to promote any one religion, or religion as a whole for that matter. We also do not wish to promote atheism. We would rather present facts, and leave the opinions and interpretation of those facts to the reader.

Religion is a dynamic, fluid part of existence—on the individual, organizational, and global level. We find it fascinating that religion is steeped in solid tradition, yet it continues to change and evolve.

In addition to reporting statistics and other facts about religion, we also have a blog that highlights the biggest issues and breaking news about world faiths. That being said, we know there are a lot of fascinating religions out there and that many of them are lesser known. If you think there is an area where we can improve this site, we welcome your feedback.

For millennia, religion has been shaping the world. People’s faith has shaped social policy, created empires, led to scientific discoveries, and more. We believe that religion affects everyone, either directly or indirectly. That’s why we want to be an educational resource to help people better understand the data behind religion and how the numbers impact society.