Types of Organizations for Abortions

Types of Organizations for Abortions

Women who experience unplanned pregnancies want to know all the alternatives to abortion. In the midst of strict abortion laws across the US, there are various organizations that advocate for abortions and offer pregnancy help. In the recent news, there have been many politicians and activist trying to change the abortions laws. However, there are still organizations and centers that are available for those who are pregnant and want alternatives to abortion. In most states, you can find help online or through federal programs.


While talking about organizations for abortions, there are certain authorized organizations like National Abortion Federations and agencies commonly known as abortion agencies like Planned Parenthood, which usually handle any abortion-related cases from start to finish. Alternatives to abortion are presented to women who want all the options in making sure that they have all the information needed to make an informed decision.The services provided and offered by these organizations are summarized include but are not limited to the following:


–   Total case management is depending upon each woman’s health, financial conditions and other circumstances.

–   Offers consultations to the patients seeking abortion regarding the availability of financial aid and also regarding the details related to financial aid and assistance.

–   Referral services regarding funding sources and availability for abortions.

–   Presenting the clients with various other available alternatives to abortion in case the client’s health rules against undergoing an abortion.

–   Referring the client/subject to the registered abortion care provider in the area near to the client’s residence.

–   Providing psychological consultation to help pregnant women make sound decisions.


These organizations and agencies are usually safe and strictly adheres to the legalities of the U.S. abortion laws. These centers have been around for decades and help women deal and cope with being pregnant. In addition to being a center for alternatives to abortion, you can find other resources like condoms. It is advise that you only go to known organizations that have a history of helping women with pregnancy. Be sure to check the credentials of these organizations to ensure that both you and your baby are in the best care.