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Food’s Role in Religion

Why is it that food and eating play such a prominent role in so many religions? From Catholic sacraments to Jewish feasts, the food we put into our mouths is a big deal. It may be because without food, we cannot live. Food is something that everyone on this planet needs, so it makes sense […]

Do Religions Have a Responsibility to be Green?

Earth Day was celebrated earlier this week, and the occasion was marked by the usual eco-friendly messages from various organizations. News outlets ran stories about the environment and the impact we as humans have on it. Businesses that identify as green, like Melaleuca for example, called on humanity to take part in protecting and caring […]

Study: Most Evangelicals Think Science and Religion Are Not at Odds

Long has the perception been that religion and science are enemies. But is there really that much conflict between faith and fact—belief and hard evidence? According to one study, the answer is no. Perhaps science and the scientific community aren’t so secular. Sociologist Elaine Ecklund found that seven in 10 self-identified evangelicals don’t see science […]