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Financial aid for pregnant women

The ability to birth new life is both exciting and costly. Many birth mothers face financial difficulty regardless if they are married or single. This is why many states created pregnancy financial assistance. If you are looking for help with medical or baby supplies, you may qualify for financial aid for pregnancy. These programs were […]

Religions, Incense and the Rise of Aromatherapy

Various world religions have been using incense as part of their religious ceremonies for centuries. In fact, religious use of incense goes back thousands of years. When people prayed or offered sacrifices to their gods, they would burn incense to make those prayers and offerings more effective or to invoke blessings. It looks like the […]

CNN Series Focuses on the Historical Jesus

In a ramp up to Easter, the new CNN series “Finding Jesus” is using modern science and archaeological research in an attempt to shed new light on Jesus Christ. The original series, which includes weekly, hour-long TV episodes and additional online content, is extremely popular. “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery” as it’s officially called, has […]